Unrepeatable Quotes

Dracula. Or Dracul. Or Drac. Or D. Depends how well you know him

There's something moving in the forest about eight miles away. I'll go check... and I'll take a thimble

Buy Mr Dog for small Yappy type dogs and maybe they'll shut the f**k up

Oven left on at home setting...

This is a poo shop!

Ooh, the hair thieves... they come in the night.... steal your hair they do!

It's OK, they've got goggles!

Run, Charlie, Run!

Hey, he's playing sexy tunes!

Is this a sexy tune Mrs Badcrumble?

The school band will now murder 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Hello, we're murderers. Twix, please

Have you noticed there are never any car chases in books?

The goons have found the drilling equipment. Open Charlie tunnel. We dig around the clock

Water in ear after swimming setting

Yes, I planned to fuck up there, just to show you how to get out of a fuck up

Don't come near me, I've got a thimble

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