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Personal Quotes

I wanted to like myself. I didn't want to be a coward. I wanted to be able to walk down the street as a TV, and if I got beaten up, I wanted to be able to stay on my feet and afterwards take them to court. I wanted to be the person who wasn't scared

One of the problems of loss at an early age is that it leaves you with a tremendous need to be loved. It's why I love performing to a live audience. I could never stop. It's a drug for me

My career is my life. If I work hard enough I can keep that together and it won't die…it can only die if I don't look after it enough. I realise that people can just be taken away from you for no reason, so I don't get close to people

Ambition: that's why I'm here. British people have a problem with that word, but I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I wanted to play America. I was ambitious to play America

It's genetic. I've wanted to wear girls' clothes since I was four, when I saw a young boy on our estate wearing a dress

Women can wear whatever clothes they want, so there are no women transvestites, so I say there’s no men transvestites

I want to take TV's away from the fringe area and introduce them into society - but through comedy rather than just being someone who clumps around in a dress. As I look at it, women wear dresses, so why not men?

Now all I want is for blokeish men to say I'm OK but some people will always consider me over the line

I don't fall in love very easily. I'm extremely wary of that. Because it can really screw you up, if it isn't requited

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